The efficiency of time is our contribution to energy saving

Tempo Box is a company that was born in Murcia, Spain in 2.009, specializing in the electrical and electronic sector. The R + D + I Department (Research, Development and Innovation) is continuously developing industry-leading innovations to improve our products. We design and manufacture all our products to meet the needs of our customers.

Tempo Box products are used in installations where time is a very important factor, so our Quality Department is responsible for making the necessary tests before the product leaves our facilities. Our goal is to offer our customers the best service and high quality products.


Why choose

Customer satisfaction
We strive to ensure that our products comply with expectations, and consequently have our customers satisfied.
R + D + I
It is crucial for us to constantly improve our products, which is why we emphasize research, development and innovation.
Commitment to quality
We understand our products as the best proof of our commitment, guaranteeing the quality of them.
Efficiency of time
The mission of our TBOX is to optimize your time and improve energy efficiency.